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Cuthbert's tail
is just too long!
What's a
mousie to do?

“BOO!” is about
a critter who likes
to scare his friends - and how they feel
about that!
In “Hiccup”
a puppy has hiccups.
Will friends know
how to help?

Baa and Grub are friends on a farm.
What happens
when one explores
a little too far?

For Scruffy, the life of a ground squirrel
can be wonderful!
But he finds it can also be dangerous - especially if you live
in the same hills as
Malfred the Coyote.

Pica and Marmot are two friends with
very different ideas about what to
do in Winter!
What happens when Skunk wakes up
and the first
critter she meets is
a very hungry bobcat?