My 3 Sons

My Three Sons

“Cuthbert” is a one-of-a-kind musing from the mind of an undauntable equally unique being, our Mother. As young kids, reading out loud to us from her original pen & ink pages carried a special feel. The story effective, the imagery memorably charming - coming effortlessly alive in Mother’s talented inimitable lilting delivery. “The Venus Fish”, “Cuthbert” & other compositions of hers became an integral part of the fiber of our being, growing up. With uniquely simple, endearing hand-drawn scenes, the story of “Cuthbert” remains timelessly relevant. Cuthbert’s resilience dealing with Life’s unexpected personal challenges set for us a model in the balance of perseverance. Our mom taught us to value the beneficent preservation of life with natural compassion for all creatures great & small. Now, 67 years later, for me Cuthbert has inspired a-life-of-its-own homage, a rollicking sequel to be read aloud with the kind of animated verve we took for granted as kids with our Mother.

Michael – Firstborn Son, Sept. 2021

With these pages the author lifts, carries on, and extends a line that comes from the past and moves forward. As her mother and her father, who taught English for many years, gave to her the tremendous gift of imagination and reading, so she offered this prize to thousands of children who passed through her loving care as a pre-school teacher. She gave it also to her own three children. As one of the lucky three I will always remember the characters and colors that spoke clearly, inviting me to love stories, reading, and learning. Later, as a parent I read the books to my own children and saw reflected in their faces and minds the glow of the gifts contained in these pages. Now that privilege can be extended to many and the line is carried forward.

Mark – The Middle Child, September 2021

Imagine growing up with your mum (pretentiously, I’ve been calling her that for decades - Who knows why?) being a preschool teacher. Yep! It’s everything you imagine - and more! In a good way, of course!

To this day, Mum is filled with stories, songs, sayings and silliness that helps us all live a more imaginative, creative and happy life. It’s been a privilege and an honor assembling and editing Mum’s first children’s story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.

As we know, reading and singing to our children is one of the best things we can do for them and I am happy these stories will live on, now that they are in your hands.

Matthew – Last in Line (Editor & Publisher of Andie’s Animals), September 2021